Easy Peasy, Cutsey Wootsie Knit Bow

I knit a bow to put on a gift and it seemed to go over pretty well. As soon as I posted a photo of the bow ( I couldn’t help myself, it was too dang cute) a friend asked me to make two for her daughter and about 10 more orders came pouring in after that. Since they are so stinkin’ cute, I can’t possibly keep the pattern all to myself. I found a pattern online and modified it to what I was looking for. I have two different patterns for two different bows. If you even remotely know anything about knitting you will be able to whip up dozens of these in no time. Seriously…they are that easy.

Bow #1 (all pink bow in picture)

THE LARGE RECTANGLE (the actual bow)

-Cast on 20 stitches on a size 5 knitting needle

-Use a stockinet stitch for 15 rows (that’s knit one row, purl one row, knit one row and so on and so forth)

at this point I loose count of what row I am on so I write it down like this:


-Bind off

-Weave in ends


THE LITTLE RECTANGLE (center part of bow)

-Cast on 5 stitches

-Stockinet stitch for 8 rows

-Bind off

ASSEMBLY: Pinch the middle of the large rectangle piece (so it looks like an accordion). Then take the small rectangle piece and wrap it around the middle of the large rectangle piece. Tie the ends together tightly on the back side of the bow. At this point it will look crooked, as only tow corners will be secured. Weave the loose ends though the opposite corners, so now all four corners are pulled tight and tie the ends in a knot. Trim the ends and voila! You made a bow! Below is my version of a step by step tutorial.


If you’re curious about the multi-colored bow, it is just as easy. I didn’t take step by step pictures because I made it nearly the same as the pink one.

Bow # 2 (mulit-color bow in picture)

-Cast on 15 stitches on a size 5 knitting needle

-Stockinet stitch for 10 rows

-Change color (if desired)

-Stockinet stitch for 10 rows

-Bind off

-Weave in ends

The center part is the same as Bow #1. Also, I wanted to point out that if you wanted to make a solid colored bow with a different colored center all you have to do is simply cast on with another color when making your small rectangle center part. If you have questions, ask away! You can really do anything that you want with this kind of thing. You can make a larger bow by using larger needles and bulkier yarn. You can even add more stitches when you cast on and add more rows. I think that if you keep the same idea going (5 less rows than you cast on) you won’t go wrong. You can even add hair clips to the back or slide them on a thin head band. The possibilities are endless. I hope you can get started right away. Email me pictures your bows!




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